On the advice of a friend I had my astral chart done by Louisa. I was not 100% convinced about astrology readings, but I had an open mind on the matter. However, what Louisa was able to divulge to me, literally left me speechless, she hit so many nails on the head. She truly is an amazing person. No matter if you believe in astrology or not, you will be amazed at the information you will receive. I have no hesitation in recommending Louisa to anyone considering having it done. You won’t be disappointed.

William, September 2018

My recent full astrological reading with Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology, was humbling in several ways; 1) my booking was made on the cusp of the price review and it was humbling to receive it at the pre-review price. 2) The work ethic and honour Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology has towards her clients is a rare find.

The intuitive way that Louisa works with Astrology is very accurate, she picked up on elements that I didn’t even include in my query. I can’t recommend Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology enough, the reading is well worth it and has really helped me on the personal and professional levels. Thank you so much

Jay, September 2017

Louisa has gifts that take astrology to another level. I received a mini Solar Eclipse reading and a FULL remote reading. The readings were accurate (sooooooo acurate, like she knew me), with an element of healing, and many favourable dates coming up for me to work with. I admit to being previously sceptical with astrology in general but this felt right and was great value for the price and done with care and style, thanks.

Ernie, 2017

This has changed my life in a really unforseen and positive way. I am very grateful for the care that you have taken Louisa in guiding me on closer to a life I’ve always dreamt of.

Emma, September 2017

Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgable, combined with her intuitive capacity, makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience.

Gillian, 2017

It always nice to get different view of your situation. Louisa delivered her reading straightforward yet non judgemental. Very talented and passionate of what she is doing, gifted lady, I love her!

Noei-Siti, 2017

I have had the pleasure to benefit from Louisa’s professional insights and advice at two occasions.

Firstly, in 2013, when she did a joined reading for my, then new, boyfriend and me. Louisa revealed fascinating, detailed and very helpful findings about our personal traits that strongly resonated. This helped me reflect on who we each are and how we relate to each other and what challenges and strengths our relationship may bring. Based on our birth charts, Louisa was able to share information as far reaching as our libido, work ethic and egos, all very helpful in understanding oneself and shaping our budding relationship with clarity and awareness.

Secondly, in 2017, when we wanted Louisa’s help in setting a fortuitous wedding date. Through asking us important questions about the kind of relationship we would wanted to have, we knew that independently from the date, Louisa had already helped us once again in creating a positive and loving mindset to further develop and grow in. Knowing the challenges of organising a wedding by coordinating venues, guests and dates, Louisa was very kind and supportive in providing feedback on potential dates as well as suggesting particularly auspicious dates. Rather than announcing ‘good and poor’ date choices. This allowed us to reflect on the various characteristics different dates offered and what we could accept or wanted to rule out. Being aware of some of the various influencers of the date we eventually decided to go with, feels empowering and leaves me grateful to her advice.

I would highly recommend Louisa’s excellent astrological knowledge, outstanding emotional intelligence and beautifully sensitive communication skills.

Wiebke Flach, September 2017

An amazing taster reader, I had done it partially for answers and partially interest, it was the first thing that Louisa picked up on. Really took my breath away.

Jay, 2017

My reading was great! Listened to it at 3.30 this morning with Dee as we couldn’t sleep. Extraordinary! Spot on, and I recognised the bits I didn’t think I knew. Thank you so much, for your time, wisdom, intuition, lightness and entertainment value! With love and anticipations (of what I don’t know) xxx

Mike, August 2017

The two times in my life that Louisa has read my chart and also a partners chart in comparison to mine I have come away profoundly enlightened! She helped me see myself and my place in the world which even now 2 years later has a guiding continual empowering effect. Louisa is an amazing astrologer and one of the most empathic persons to have a reading from..Highly recommended!!

Emily, August 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Louisa for a good few years. She has a huge heart which guides her uncanny intuitive understanding of a person’s astrology chart. Her readings include the smaller but no less powerful asteroids which have a significant place alongside the major planets. Listening to Louisa tease out the nuances is a joy (and extremely accurate!)

Jackie, August 2017

Louisa is an extremely skilled astrologer, I found the reading informative and confirmed a lot of things i had seen changing in my life. I would highly reccomend her for guidance on all aspects of your life

Neena, August 2017

Louisa’s sensitivity, insight and wisdom helped me find my way through a confusing time. Thanks Louisa, you’re ace!

Hannah, August 2017

Louisa, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your insight on the show last night.. you are so amazingly talented at what you do and I also loved hearing the political charts. So perfect it was the goddess asteroids you were focusing on too! thank you from my heart, you really gave me some major insight that was spot on!

Jo Beth, July 2017

A thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience, many many thanks

Andy, July 2017

I’m biased, she’s my wife! But wow, what a gifted astrologer (see other reviews) and a great co-host on the radio and in life. She chose our wedding date too, using her ‘date-to’ gift, and we’re still together (-;

Carl, July 2017

I have known Louisa for a few years now. I first came across her when she offered a free reading on her radio show, years ago before she knew me, which I took her up on, everything she said about me was spot on. Since then, as I got to know her, I learned that she has a great understanding of astrology and can pinpoint in great detail the situations and events that will occur in one’s life. She has since given me another reading that was very thorough and quite shockingly spot on, it surprised me that anyone could know so much from just a birthdate, time and town. She hasn’t failed to surprise since then and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for a reading

Fran, July 2017

Amazing lady who does amazing things! After my very first reading I was trying to work out what she had told me and tried to piece everything together that, at the time didn’t make much sense to me, but, 3 years down the line everything she’d told me had fallen into place! 100% couldn’t recommend Louisa enough! X

Robyn, July 2017

Louisa, just listened to your reading for the second time again, there were many points which were great confirmations and I thank you greatly for this. This past year has been challenging on all levels and I am looking forward to the fruitations to be. How long have you been doing these readings? It is impressive in the detail that you are able to go into with just the itme,place and date of birth!

Joseph, June 2017

Hi Louisa, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from hearing about my chart or in fact how it could help me..however I want you to know that you have helped me hugely! I think at times I have felt like I’m going insane, like I don’t know my own mind and second guessing if my direction is the right one. Knowing that things look to be getting easier is a massive relief on so many levels. Most importantly is the clarification that Emma and I were as close as I felt, that we were really like twins and that the grief I feel from missing her is justified. That I really do feel like I am missing part of me and that without her I don’t know who I am. I cried and I smile listening to you, I almost feel like you have lifted my spirits, perhaps this was the first shake I needed in order to start moving forward a little faster. I can’t stay sad forever, Em wouldn’t have wanted that and neither do I. Thank you Louisa, thank you for helping my mum and thank you for helping me.

Danni, May 2017

OMG Louisa. That was amazing, seriously. We got the house like you said we would. You must be psychic! I’m just blogging about my reading now 🙂

Sue, May 2017

Hi Louisa, Thank you so much for doing my astrology chart. I was truly amazed and very happy with the information. You made me feel at ease throughout the reading I really did not know what to expect. I cannot believe the accuracy of your reading and the overall wealth of information. Having felt a bit anxious in a few areas of my life I can honestly say I went to bed last night and had the best nights sleep in a long while. You are truly an amazing person. I shall certainly be recommending you to all my friends..thank you once again

Kath, May 2017

Louisa, thank you for my reading. It was very helpful. Wow – the two vocations you mentioned in the reading – you guessed not only the work I do, but the work my twin sister does! The reading was very straight forward and clear about my current situation that I am going through. You were spot on. Yes we are both passionate when we come together. We both are independent people and like our own space!! Thanks again.

Mary, May 2017