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Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon 2014

The Pisces New Moon, March 1st 2014, 08.03 GMT

The beginning of the creative process

The New Moon marks the beginning of the new lunar cycle and as such is a magical time, perfect for new beginnings. The New Moon is at its darkest and so, from this position things can only grow bigger, brighter and more beautiful. Because it brings in the waxing phase where the Moon grows steadily day by day, this period of time is uniquely linked in to New Beginnings.

Promise yourself the Moon

Like a tiny seed buried in cool moist soil, any wishes or intentions that you magic into being during this time are primed to grow. First they’ll swell as they germinate, growing into a seedling – full of potential, optimism and hope of becoming a fully grown plant.  Of course, the journey is long, and that potential may or may not be fully realised. And that’s how it is for the New Moon. It represents fertility, pure potential, ideas put into action, growth and enthusiasm. This energy is very similar to that of the Pages / Aces in a tarot deck. They are the beginning of a new creative process.  They aren’t a guarantee of success, but the energy is perfect for ‘attracting’.

Healing flows to where your attention goes…

The Theme for March’s New Moon in Pisces is a beautiful one. Coming forth at the same time as Mercury moves forward, both thoughts and feelings can be aligned and activated. The New Moon is delicately cradled between dreamy Neptune and healing Chiron, so any kind of healing rebalancing is particularly featured during this most psychic of New Moons.  Both Saturn and Jupiter offer a steady balancing support to channeling your intentions.  Expect your creativity to expand and your beliefs to strengthen.  Pluto lines up some powerful people should you need assistance in your reaching your desires. There’s an opportunity for serious mentorship and initiation. Mars catalyses this into action especially if there’s a ‘fatedness’ surrounding your intention.  Mars is conjunct the North node and and is asking you to challenge yourself, have faith in your abilities, so DREAM BIG!

The simplicity of your breath

You may already have a New Moon routine, but if not, you may enjoy  the simplicity of connecting in to your breath at the time of the New Moon and ‘marrying yourself’ to the energies of the moment. Create a silent space to appreciate how it feels to have already achieved your goals, and bless the energies for their hand in drawing  the magic to you. It’s as simple as that. Of course, if you are near water, even better as that ties in to the element of Pisces.

This is most potent for the following people:-

  • Those born in the first 10 days of your sign
  • The Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio)
  • For people that know their birthchart – Anyone with a planet, point or angle between 8-12 degrees Pisces


p>Enjoy the gifts the Pisces New Moon has to offer you,

In gratitude,

Louisa x