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Virgo Full Moon, 2014

Virgo Full Moon 2014March 16th 2014, 5.09 pm

(26 degrees Pisces/ Virgo)

What is the theme for the Virgo Full Moon?

The theme for March’s Full Moon is to look at how we can serve, organise, discern and re-utilise our skills in the most effective way. Virgo’s energy is often self-sacrificing, self-deprecating and can at times find fault. It is important to ensure that the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted prior to the Full Moon if you’re feeling out of balance. For those people that are especially emotional right now the Virgo Full Moon, marks a time of feeling used, and of feeling like a sacrificial lamb – as if ‘there’s nothing you can do’ to resolve a situation and as if you’re in the firing line of guilt and anger.

The emotions and personality are very cut off during this Full Moon and there is a strong Saturn presence marking a time when it is easy to be weighed down by responsibilities. Use this time to reflect, formulate decisions and get a grip on what would make you feel most empowered. See where you may already have resources that can be re-used to resolve your existing situations. With Saturn retrograde currently, it seems that something you have tried to implement in the past could be re-tested once again. It might be that your current situation is one that keeps recurring. If this is the case, use the power of the Virgo Full Moon to take practical action and accept your part in your difficulties.

Usually the Moon makes useful connections with other planets, which shows us where the build up of energy can be released. With this Virgo Full Moon, there are few options available. This month, there are two real release points for emotional tension and they are Saturn in Scorpio and Lilith in Cancer/Leo.

Full MoonSaturn as a release point

Saturn in Scorpio has the potential to harm, heal and do a bit of both simultaneously. At his best, he can cut through the emotional b*ll sh*t, wade through the guilt and create a clean space for cold scrutiny and truth. But if you catch Saturn in a bad mood, and especially if you’re under resourced, then Saturn in Scorpio can inflame areas of guilt and keep people invested in ‘their story of blame’, judgement and punishment. When really pushed, Saturn can cut his losses and others out of his life.

Lilith as a release point

Lilith in early Leo, forms an easy sextile to the Virgo Full Moon and Pisces Sun. The asteroid Lilith during this Full Moon, gives people access to confront, rebel and look for freedom from the emotions. It represents some of our earliest hurts and injuries, where we haven’t yet found peace. To have this in an easy position during the Full Moon, signifies that there is an opportunity for a big emotional release, if you’re brave enough to let out your judgements, and even more daring enough to let them go straight after.

Integrating the Full Moon Energy in March (2 recommendations)

If you’re in an emotional situation right now

If you are in an emotional situation right now and are ready to lance the poison, I’d recommend facing your nemesis head on. It is important to give each participant a chance to speak fully, whilst not reacting to what they say in a personal way. Listen to it as information. If you can’t be impartial, have someone you trust to stay neutral.

This is a Full Moon where old guilt, personal judgements and childhood pain can easily surface. You need to find an adult and detached mind-space to be able to look over the truth of what you may have felt and realise that it no longer applies.

The Waning Moon phase, which follows for the next couple of weeks, will allow any residual pain to die, and for you to ‘detox’ your body of any previous poisonous beliefs.

If you’re feeling relaxed in your life

For those who are feeling relaxed in life, this Full Moon marks a time to become more aware of where your personal obstacles/beliefs are preventing you from moving forward.  It is a time to de-clutter your emotions and your belongings. Whatever is in your life that no longer serves you, it’s time to let go of it. Potter around for the next few days and think through your health, your home, your belongings, your work. What is useful? What beliefs and habits can be re-cycled and applied in other areas? How can you better serve yourself and others?

This need not be stressful. If it gets stressful, leave it for a while. Don’t let go of the relaxation you’re currently feeling. There are better times to let go in April!

Looking forward into April and beyond

If you can at least lance your current emotional boils now, you’ll be much better resourced for April, which marks a time of collective unrest, posturing and discovery. The energy of April is rebellious, hot and irrational. Its not a time to make big life decisions in the heat of the moment.

As we move into May we can begin to build bridges once again and feel more connected to one another in spite of our differences.

Who is most affected by the Virgo Full Moon?

This is most potent for the following people:-

  • It is most transformative to those born in around 26 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, born 18-20th September / Sagittarius, born 17th-19th December / Pisces, born 15th-17th March / Gemini, born 16th-18th June) – it might get difficult, but can lead to stronger resolve and healing
  • The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will have opportunities to make great steps forward, and to connect to slow-burning future destinations.
  • For people that know their birthchart – Anyone with a planet, sensitive point or angle to approximately 26 degrees Virgo  (or Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini at 26 degrees)

Enjoy today’s Full Moon everyone!