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Your Free E-book!

Here’s a link to a Free E-book that I have written for my friends during this time of great astrological change. Your Free Healing Guide To The Astrology Of NOW! (Part One)

This book looks at how we can utilise the energies of the Solar Eclipse and subsequent Full and New Moons and assimilate the learning from the Grand Square and Grand Water Trine.

I hope that you find this link useful.

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Your Free E-book!

Awaken through Astrology

April Astrology Survival!

Am posting this a little late, however we are still right slap bang in the middle of the April Eclipse / Grand Square energy. As I write, the Moon is slowly gliding towards a conjunction with Capricorn and will ACTIVATE and trigger the Grand Square energy that every astrologer and his dog has been bleating on about! (me included)

Testing, testing…times!

Here is my video overview of the April Astrology Survival Guide – How to transcend, surf, and thrive during these challenging times I guess. For more specific links to your actual starsign during this time, please see the following post with links to my audio updates.

Will April be a walk in the park for you?

Will it be a walk in the park?