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Congratulations Newly Weds!

Same-sex couples can now legally marry in the UKCongratulations to everyone who decided to tie the knot today, after the UK updated it’s ideas. Yes it’s true! Same-sex couples can now legally wed in the UK. For those that are curious, here’s something I wrote about the planetary energies for today. This was published in Pride Life Winter 2014.

Wishing everyone who married today a life of bliss! x

Best Date For A Gay Wedding?

Gay Marriage

Louisa Munson with Introduction from Carl Munson – originally posted

The date gay weddings can take place in the UK has been brought forward to 29 March, 2014. In the wake of outright and ridiculous prejudice, many couples may feel the urge to pick that very date as the day for their ‘big day’, but could a knee-jerk, stick-it-to-the-man date selection leave some couples with the odds still stacked against them, astrologically?

Louisa sheds some light Continue reading Best Date For A Gay Wedding?