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Pluto in Capricorn and the Family Dynamic

What does Pluto in Capricorn mean to the family dynamic?

Have you ever tried to get a goat to do something that it didn’t want to already do? (virtually impossible). Goaty Capricorn behaviours are currently reflected in the family dynamics throughout the emerging western world. There are patterns of expectations and reward for specific behaviours deemed either good or bad / right or wrong. With Pluto’s slow transit through Capricorn we see the structure of family dynamics being challenged and questioned. It is creating an all or nothing’ trend within families. The trouble is, no one is really budging. Let’s have a look at how this is happening…

In a similar way that Pluto in Capricorn is making society sit up and take stock of their relationship to world responsibility and resource, so too is Pluto in Capricorn making us consider the true nature of responsibility and resource within the family unit. Our family dynamics are having a long awaited overhaul.

Let’s look primarily at those with the most apparent power within the family. These are the Matriarchs and Patriarchs. The ones with the most resource, power and experience – these family members are now in a position of choosing between controlling or transforming their family structures. This is a new experience for them, because for many, they have worked tirelessly for only a few employers over a working lifetime. They haven’t really considered their family needs beyond the terms of providing a home, clothing and food for their children until they left school. That’s how it was for them. That’s how they were raised.

Family responsibility was much more clearly defined in their day, with social norms and strong expectations on behaviour.  They were the ‘children should be seen and not heard’  generation formed of the Pluto in Cancer and Leo generations.

The Pluto in Cancer generation (1913-1938) who were fearful for their home and their family, experienced great suffering and sacrifice. Many losing relatives to war, many seeing (and feeling) the loss of structure within their home towns. These people had their security violated in a major way. Their challenge was to find structure, rebuild and regenerate. They became very skilled and resourceful and were expected to muck in. There wasn’t time to discuss or bicker within the family. Children fell into line, like soldiers to a general.

The Pluto in Leo generation (1938-1958), who are also now largely retired (or about to), had fears of being controlled by a tyrant/dictator. Seeing and feeling the horror of totalitarianism, they learnt to become their own power houses of control. Whilst they too were privy to strong family expectations, some of the hardships were wearing off during their childhood. They were raised knowing that they would recreate society, that they would be entrusted to ‘rule’ businesses and their homes in a new way. They had opportunities and took what they could, when they could.

Building on from the regeneration of the previous generation they oversaw the start of people management. These boomers got very wealthy from this and have profited from grabbing at opportunities and loopholes as they have occurred.

Both group of retired people, who owe lots of their wealth to the business practices of the 80s and 90s, and the housing boom, are now quietly seething that their younger family are struggling so much. They think they are irresponsible and have brought it on themselves. They see disrespect, dishonour and non-commitment from their younger family members.

Divorce isn’t yet common place for this generation, so you’ve also got an inbred culture of ‘making good of bad choices’. This generation are wonderful at shutting off their intuitions, passions and desires for the ability to live a ‘functional and correct’ lifestyle. It’s not really their fault, it’s how they were programmed during difficult times.

They had far less choice than subsequent generations, and did help to rebuild the western world. Now in retirement, they are taking a well-deserved rest, enjoying long foreign holidays and applying their own logic to new dilemmas. They think  ‘if it  (hard work) was good enough for me, it’s good enough for them’.

It’s my way or the high way!

Pluto in capricorn and family dynamic

From their perspective of hard work, gritting their teeth and making sacrifices, they feel within their power to assume that this would be the right strategy for their successive generations. Because they are reasonably comfortable in life, they are quite loathe to question, challenge and get involved in the way society is being shaped. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ is a common ingrained thinking pattern here.

If you press them on their loyalty to the system, rather than listen openly to your concerns, you are more likely to be talked over, shut down or called ‘an extremist’! For them to question authority, they might have to change their thinking, and if they changed their thinking, it might change their lives. And they’ve worked all their lives for what they have now.  All their trophies of comfort, they’ll be loathe to give up.

Growing dissension in the ranks!

PLuto in Capricorn and family dynamicsThe following two generations who are the bulk of the workforce right now are living the reality of what their parents and grandparents created for them. Not being so worried about security and authority as the previous generations, these people from the 60s, 70s and early 80s have been more concerned with quality rather than quantity. Their loyalties to their elders have been strained as they are raising their children very differently, in a very different world of contrasting needs. Torn between following their family norms and finding their own way, many have moved away from their place of birth. Physical distance and a preoccupation with having to make ends meet has granted them more anonymity from their kin.

The Pluto in Virgo generation (1958-1971), seeing and feeling the shift in globalism became aware and fearful of poisoning, ecological damage to mankind and the world. They grew up into the early environmentalists, starting movements, volunteering and creating ideas on radical healing. They also became the first generation to fear being part of a larger workforce, yet felt fear of not contributing. They were critical of the structures created before them and were looking at becoming more honest. As such they became the first real generation to separate and divorce en masse. (Their divorcing predecessors were more reluctant and less obvious. This generation were more concerned with the emotional poisoning of children and have lived in many different family units)

The Pluto in Libra generation (1971 – 1983), began to fear relationships, as a great shift of family divorces and separations took effect during their childhoods. Here the inequality between man and woman became real and this generation began to buck the trend of marrying young and following set family patterns. During their education, physical punishment (caning) was banned, beginning a new chapter (of personal respect) in education.  They were also one of the earliest generations whose mothers routinely worked. The quest for finding ‘The Romantic Other’ began in earnest – maybe this is as a result of family separation so early on.

They were some of the first people to not ‘own’ their work process from start to finish as the employment world embraced micro-management, segregated tasks and dedicated work function teams. Whereas this culture was common practice within factories, it was now the norm in offices, boardrooms and retail. Job dissatisfaction, purpose and meaning has been questionable ever since.

As adults, both generations have faced choices of conscience in a new way. Where they divorced/separated their financial security was much less certain, yet they gave themselves the chance to rebuild and find happiness in the arms of another. Although both generations were quick to leave the family home following education, many have returned to live at home for brief spells whilst they find their feet again in between relationships and job change/loss.

Employment was no longer guaranteed, neither was there as much ownership involved. Therefore this generation became more specialist in their area of work and less well rounded. With less time to look after themselves, there is a general de-skilling occurring within this generation. They are more likely to pay someone else to fix their problems as they feel time deficient to learn themselves.

The rate of depressive illness, mental breakdowns and ‘being signed off’ increased during these two generations. It would seem that those who stuck to the ‘original formula’ of sticking at marriage and a job, have been the most stable (but not the happiest or most authentic). It would appear that there are cracks appearing in the mandated lifestyle that was created and passed down to these generations.  The cost of living it has increased exponentially for them in comparison to their predecessors.

Mass cognitive dissonance

Pluto in Capricorn and Family Dynamics

During the last 25 years, entertainment, leisure, sexual expression and inebriation has taken on a life of its own. With the electronic age in full swing the subsequent generations have not really known life pre-internet. There has been a mass numbing. With both parents working, many of the youngest three Pluto generations have been raised by the one-eyed babysitter (the television). Therefore the emotional disconnect between families, family culture and feeling loved has grown bigger.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation (1983-1995) are all of working age now. Their biggest fears and areas for transformation have been through the continued sexual revolution and move to ‘experience emotional belonging’. It is during their early childhood that AIDS first came on the scene, not to mention the nuclear threat.

Having had less meaningful contact with their parents, and more ‘leisure and fun’ experience, they have become a generation of thrill seekers, dare devils and sexual chameleons. Their ability to try new things, and throw themselves into the highs and lows of life is impressive. They are even more determined to live their life independently.  Education during this generation has been ever more aspirational, in a way that does not match the faster changing needs of society. It would seem that society changes faster than they can study. And that as they have left education, what they have been taught is out of date for the job in hand.

It’s no wonder that this beautiful creative generation of people are falling prey to depression before they even leave education. The hopelessness felt by this group has incapacitated them and as such they are the first generation who have hesitated to leave home following education.   And where it is difficult to get motivated and feel naturally high on life, the sexual confidence, relative affordability of drink and drugs, has left them finding their fix elsewhere.

The problem for them really is that they are waking up to the family and collective lies that their predecessors have been preaching and it is deeply uncomfortable. They can see the hypocrisy and they long for answers that they know their parents and grandparents are ill-equipped to give. Their greatest challenge is to find themselves on their own and rise from the proverbial ashes. If they are lucky, there may already be a trailblazer / rebel / ‘drop out’ within their family that has already challenged the status quo of the mandated lifestyle.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1995-2008), has experienced fear of racism and religious and cultural belief.  With the energy of 911 etched into their consciousness. It’s no wonder that they have had the most crazy induction into the experiment of freedom. On the one hand they’ve had access to the internet all their lives, and can connect with ANYONE around the world, 24/7. They have also been the generation to have the most fear based parenting, molly coddling and protectiveness. Yet inspite of the protections wrapped around this generation, the ongoing sweep into two income families has meant that much of their childhood was spent in a creche or in childcare. This generation have learnt to be more casual in their emotions, love and needs. They also have the least expectations for love from others. A practical adaptation from necessity. We have yet to see how this generation and the Pluto in Scorpio generation will live and serve humanity. It’s clear though that the pressure to survive is far greater than ever before and that society is broken. The question for them is how do they make it right again?

Transforming family dynamics through Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn and Family Dynamic

It would seem that there is a collective family need for healing right now. Pluto in Capricorn is about responsibility and resource, and as I have suggested, the Pluto generations are all at odds as to how the world works. There is resource disparity throughout families, where those with control have all the resource.  It would also seem that each successive generation has a harder time in establishing itself and in doing so ‘makes the other family members wrong’ by default.

It has and is creating unrest in family situations as when the younger members of families complain of their lot, the elder relatives are hurt. The world that has made their grandparent’s financially comfortable has in fact hurt the children and grandchildren. The grandparents are insulted by their offspring’s suggestions that their way of living is broken. The elder generations aren’t prepared to accept responsibility for this problem.  ‘If only you could apply yourself and work harder none of this would happen’, they say!

This is not just happening within family units, but in communities. A growing conflict of them and us. Of the wealthy and the impoverished. Of the traditionalists versus the freedom fighters. And as the traditionalists pull rank together, people are becoming ever more polarised in their views of history, society, guilt, shame and behaviour.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Families that stick to their ‘official version of family behaviour codes’, will be put under greater and greater pressure. There’s a need for a collective family release. Where families persist in hidden shame, the pressure will leak out and eat at the most susceptible members. (most likely in the form of illness). With no avenues for authenticity you’ll have families breaking down at a faster than normal rate.

The Pluto in Capricorn effect in families, is most likely to affect the most ‘controversial and colourful’ member of the family. (ie the one who is most likely to consider things from a fresh/different perspective). This creates an instability and the rest of the family by default group ever tighter together to feel safe and peaceful once again.

If you’re one of the controversial / colourful family members, no doubt you’ll be feeling a bit scapegoated right now. You’ll be hard pushed to convince your family members with a clever argument or with facts and figures. The older generations don’t want to listen because it ‘makes their values wrong’ somehow.  And whilst this is having an effect on families related by blood, that is not to say that you’re on your own. People are gravitating into new family sets, based on shared value systems, not blind faith and blood.

Families that allow themselves to challenge their identity, will grow stronger and more diverse which is what is needed right now. As they do that they are more likely to support each other (not out of duty, but out of love) and in doing so, will learn about how they can share resources, share skills and create even stronger sustainability for themselves.

It’s a time of being truly responsible and sustainable within families. This can only truly happen when the structures of hierarchy break down, and people find their own ways of contributing to the family collective. Each stage in family life is necessary and each generation needs the other to survive. It’s through learning how to appreciate each others’ contributions and working with each other, that families will transform.

The ultimate transformation through families, will be when each generation comes clean about their part in global society, and makes changes to set this right. For families that do this, it will involve everyone realising that where they have made short cuts in the desire to find security, it has been to the detriment of another. Where one member has profited, another family member has had to bear the cost financially and emotionally. It would seem that the corporate lifestyle and vapid consumerism that has become the way of the world, is in fact killing us all. Far from nourishing us, it is poisoning us. We need our elders, the people in our society with the most connections and experience to stand up, man up and lead by example.

Transforming possibilities:

  • The older generations share their wealth without condition (and not at point of death!)
  • The older generation finally considers where their greed (driven from a level of insecurity), has:- Bought them happiness, impoverished others indirectly, is even sustainable
  • They move to be closer to the newer family consciousness. They don’t expect the younger ones to stay to honour their family shrines (err I mean homes)
  • They stop pushing their security values onto other family members.
  • They use their retirement time to challenge that which weakens the family dynamic
  • The middle generations share their learning and experience on finding love and meaning  honestly. They report on what it has cost them and how it has occurred.
  • They come clean about whether their education has given them:-  Greater earning power, opportunities to feel motivated, defined who they are
  • They stop pushing their parent’s values (that they know don’t work) onto their children
  • They allow their offspring to make their own love choices, free of guilt, shame and anger.
  • They accept that in their haste to make life work, they have not been emotionally available for their offspring / younger generations
  • The younger generations drop the illusion that their elders (with their current myopia) can guide them in changing their world, without changing their minds
  • The younger generations invite their older relatives to meet them on their quest to turn everything around
  • The younger generations stop numbing themselves to hide their concerns. They name their demons and begin to deal with them directly with the full love and support of their elders
  • Every generation forgive themselves and others in their part of the family dynamic and drama. At best, their carefully rehearsed roles have given each other a dynamic learning opportunity that makes them collectively stronger.

Trading in guilts? It’s a shame!

If each generation can ‘own’ how it has peddled in family guilt and collective shame, they can begin to change how they operate and live without having to prove each other wrong. The transformation is to stop thinking so personally and taking offense. If and when this occurs, you’ll see families starting to re-group, heal and transform.

  • With all generations sharing in food preparation, household chores, childcare and enjoying security.
  • With families taking greater responsibility with researching safe food options.
  • With relatives caring for each other when they are sick.
  • With families being there through birth, life and death.

Where this doesn’t occur naturally, then the family dynamic is likely to break down altogether, and people will gravitate towards new value based family and friends to form their own family units. Society by it’s current terms is very difficult to navigate without support. Where there is a vacuum, there is a solution and it may be that the solution is outside of the family unit.

Pluto in Capricorn and World Society

Pluto in Capricorn and World Society

Pluto in Capricorn creates an intensely interesting dynamic in world society because it means the controlling transformations going on at the moment are being managed very coolly and from a high vantage point, with as few public outbursts as possible. There’s a detachment with this transformation and control. I would imagine that people working in large corporations who deal with contingency planning and operations loss will be very motivated right now. They have much to work on in minimising the fall out of this transformational time.

I should apologise in advance, that the following examples of Pluto and his influence on world society are very simplistic. I’m not a politician. I’m not an investigative journalist. Neither am I a financier. I am an observer. This information is presented as my own observation of the ongoing changes that are happening in the world society arena.

The Corporate Take Over of Planet Earth

We’ve already got many clear examples of the controlling energy within our leadership on planet Earth. This is ‘The Era of the Corporatocracy’. Pluto here is represented by The 1%, Corporations, Governments and Banking. It is assisted vastly by the mass media and entertainment industry (which is owned by the 1%, Corporations, Governments and Bankers). So how did this come about?

We need more safeguards

Following on from 911, and subsequent attacks on the world (that are depicted as crimes of hate/religious and racial intolerance), the populace asked for greater governance. It’s funny that the rise in the ‘so called’ terror attacks came about during Pluto’s move through Sagittarius. One façade of the Sagittarian energy is the quest for philosophical understanding. It’s a sign of belief so when Pluto went through Sagittarius the world was ‘transformed’ through facing our beliefs. In the case of 21st Century Western ideas, society was transformed through FEARING OTHERS’ BELIEFS and motivations. (That’s a sad thing as Sagittarians are optimists, are hopeful and generous. Pluto made us all question ourselves)

It would seem that somewhere between that time and this, there has been a very cleverly crafted switcheroo when it comes to our governance. That has largely happened with the help of the Banking system. In the light of ‘terror attacks’, countries asked for greater protection, for greater education, for better healthcare. It seems all our fears came out and people began begging for ‘cures’ to their fears.

Selling out and sponsorship

Enter Pluto in Capricorn. The world governments listened to the cries of the people. It didn’t have enough to spend on defense, and so it borrowed from the Banks who were very happy to oblige. It borrowed again for education, and again for healthcare, and again for social security. And here’s what happened – The governments couldn’t pay it all back. So they began the process of selling parts of their control to the corporations who were more than happy to lend a hand. Or if the government didn’t sell out its control, it changed the nature of it, to give influence to those who ‘sponsored’ it. Of course behind the banks and corporations you have the same people – the catchily named 1%. The richest families on the planet.

He’s got the whole world in his hands!

This dynamic is occurring on every level that can be controlled, and those that aren’t will be if the Pluto in Capricorn energy is left unchecked, unchallenged and is negatively expressed. Think water supplies, electricity, oil, gas, food, seeds, the media and the internet. And as each industry is consolidated further, you’ll find that each of the big corporates spread their reach further and further as they diversify into more and more markets. As an example, when I received a letter from my doctors surgery last week, there was a logo belonging to a large corporate on my letter. Considering that this business started off selling music records, it’s quite incredible that they are now somehow involved in my son’s medical care!

Mass de-skilling and disconnect

Many governments are now outsourcing their medical contracts, policing contracts, police back offices, prison services, hospitals, schools and the military. Many of these contracts are being outsourced to the same select few ‘security outsourcing specialists’, that operate in western countries around the world. What does this mean to world society? It means that people are no longer working in their own communities. Neither are they working to benefit their communities directly.  This makes it easier for employees to disconnect from the faceless customers they serve. It also means that communities no longer have the immediate skills they all need to run themselves and they no longer know who to go to within their communities. It becomes more likely that people will look for continued support as their governments neuter them!

World Society – who are we?

It would seem that countries are losing their core identity whilst being micro-managed by the same few outsourcing specialists. Very few conversations are being held publicly. It would also appear that there is a long term agenda afoot. To be able to use the Pluto in Capricorn energy, you need time, to slowly control and transform the world under the leadership of a select few. Remember, Capricorn energy does not make a song and dance out of their methods. This is a stealthy take over – and in this moment in time, it might seem that we (the people of the world) are lost.

What is Pluto in Capricorn asking us to do?

This looks like a bleak situation, but it has only come about because people have given away their responsibility and their innate power. It does seem that we never realised we even had power, which made this easier to do, but neither points change the overall need of our current Pluto in Capricorn shake up.  The Pluto in Capricorn message is a question of responsibility and resourcefulness.

The World Society is being asked to step up and become it’s own authority. It is showing us where we have let go of our ability to look after ourselves. It is asking us (by testing us) how we will come together and create a world society that is sustainable. Sustainability is the ultimate in transformation and responsibility.

Pluto in Capricorn and World Society3054

Slowly but surely all of our utilities and services are being controlled, and in a few generations basic life skills have become a thing of the past. With surveillance and censorship programmes a foot, how long will it be before the information that is necessary for us to re-learn these skills are taken away? Do we need to learn this lesson so acutely that we’ll push our ignorance this far? Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to wake up to our own authority. To become our own leaders, to parent ourselves and to drop the pretense of self-imposed indolence. Remember Capricorn is a hard working sign. Our self-authority and self-management is a foolish thing to blindly give away. It’s worth working for.

So the question I would ask you now is this. If the financial markets crashed like a row of dominos (one after the other) – How will you cope?

If you have a plan……

  1. What’s your plan?
  2. Do you have the necessary skills to carry out this plan?
  3. Do you have the resources to carry out this plan?
  4. Do you have strong enough relationships within your communities to work together?
  5. What are you prepared to do to survive?

If you don’t have a plan…….

  1. Will you rely on your government to bail you out?
  2. What price will you be willing to pay for them to do this?
  3. What price do you think they’ll ask of you?
  4. What are you prepared to do to survive?

There are already lots of people considering just this. They have intuitively felt that this is the next step for mankind. With Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023, this really will be the start of a sustainable and egalitarian, brotherhood of man. But there’s no need to wait for 2023. The more you put off reclaiming your personal authority, the more difficult it will be when you need to claim it. Pluto makes his lessons as hard as you need them to be. There is no inherent need that these be difficult.

Some people (myself included) have let go of most of their belongings, and have played with their money – almost experimenting to see how it feels and where the discomfort lies. You can only really fear something if you don’t know how you’ll react. When you know how you might react, then it gives you some space to think and formulate more comprehensive plans. It gives you far greater choice.

How to lead the Pluto in Capricorn transformation

Some of my heroes are people who have been quietly getting on with thinking about long term resources way ahead of time. These are people who are making it their mission in life to answer some of the issues that world society is already and will soon be facing.  In no particular order, I give you…

Charles Eisenstein and Sacred Economics

Charles is one of many people challenging our core ideas on money and how we use it. One of the many ideas that he puts forward is that of a resource sharing and ‘gift’ economy as opposed to a fiscal one. People could work in good faith alongside each other, swapping skills and swapping their time equitably within a larger community. Better still they can simply give freely. He was the first person who I remembered suggesting that everyone’s time was equal, and that nobody’s time was essentially more valuable than another’s. It took me a while to think through his suggestions and consider what they’d look like once applied.  Sacred Economics is well worth a read.

Rick Pursell and Cause No Harm

Rick’s gentle thinking and wealth of business experience has led to him communicating his ‘Cause No Harm’ ethos. In a nutshell we have a choice to not engage in things that cause harm to others. This seems a simple and practical enough concept, though to really bear out its significance, you’ve got to look deeper into the whole journey. It’s easy in the western world to assume we cause no harm to others. And that’s mainly caused through a separation of process. We rarely see the start of the journey, and rarely see the end.

For instance, when you book an overseas holiday, you might convince yourself that you’re helping an emerging island to become more civilised. You’re giving them jobs, income and purpose (you might reason). Rick’s approach would ask you to think deeper and see the things we switch our minds off to.  In this example, the islanders might have had their land taken away from them, sold to a corporation. Their government might not have shared their money with them. This might have resulted in them having a new road infrastructure built, but now the islanders are taxed to the hilt and have to work to pay for something they might never have wanted. This is about recognising the whole story and choosing not to buy into it.

The Story of Stuff

This is a growing movement of 500,000 changemakers who are thinking through and challenging our core beliefs on manufacturing, distribution and end use.

‘we believe it’s possible to create a society based on better not more, sharing not selfishness, community not division’

They have a core collection of easy to understand cartoon presentations. These are perfect for the whole family and enable really complex ideas to be embedded at all ages.


The concept designed by Micheal Reynolds looks at creating fully resourced and sustainable housing whilst recycling waste items. As such, there are homes being built around the world that have their own passive heating/cooling, create their own energy, collect, filter and recycle their own water, have their own micro-climates and gardens that feed a whole family. There’s not much these homes don’t do by design.  With an Earthship life, you become free of the costs involved in energy, water, drainage and sustenance. You are also living in a way that causes no further harm to the planet.

Every human being involved in the creation and distribution of free energy

There are so many of them, often working alone and in small groups. There have been many people in the past who have had their work seized, destroyed, and who have had hate campaigns launched against them. I offer my thanks and acknowledgement for their efforts in freeing the world from energy and banking slavery.

Other amazing and notable people engaging in re-skilling and serving humanity include:

  1. Thrive
  2. Collective Evolution
  3. Permaculturists/Aquaponics/Hydroponics Associations

This concludes my look into how Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to change our world society. Remember, Pluto sends challenges and problems in order for us to wake up to our own and collective truths. This is an ongoing story and your own connection to it, is of your choosing. This time is about finding freedom by remembering we are resourceful and mature enough to look after ourselves.

Please do feel free to comment and add your thoughts and suggest your own heros. I’m hoping this can be a dynamic and shared look at how we use Pluto in Capricorn’s energy to transform, rather than allow it to control us. If we do, we’ll have the whole world in our hands!

In gratitude,

Louisa x

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