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April Astrology Survival!

Am posting this a little late, however we are still right slap bang in the middle of the April Eclipse / Grand Square energy. As I write, the Moon is slowly gliding towards a conjunction with Capricorn and will ACTIVATE and trigger the Grand Square energy that every astrologer and his dog has been bleating on about! (me included)

Testing, testing…times!

Here is my video overview of the April Astrology Survival Guide – How to transcend, surf, and thrive during these challenging times I guess. For more specific links to your actual starsign during this time, please see the following post with links to my audio updates.

Will April be a walk in the park for you?

Will it be a walk in the park?

Aries New Moon

Aries New MoonNew Moon in Aries 30th  March 2014 at 7.45pm UK

The beginning (and continuation) of the growth process

This New Moon is in Aries, which makes it a powerful time to have a new start. Whatever you focus your attention on this month, will get an extra dose of determination, action and direction. The Aries New Moon connects in to an ongoing tension and dynamic that is already playing out in the world (and in your life too), therefore, this New Moon has a very karmic quality in helping you to heal the most raw situations currently in your life. There aren’t any guarantees of success, but this New Moon’s energy is perfect for ‘change, growth and sudden (and surprising) advance learning’.

Cleansing flame or ravaging inferno?

The theme is a potent one which sets April ablaze. I will be writing separately about the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon), The 23rd April, and the April New Moon later on. Suffice to say, the messages here will build up, and by this time next month, some karmic patterns are sure to have played out in your life. The New Moon is connecting powerfully with Uranus and this creates an energy of change, disruption and freedom. This is a great month to LET GO OF LIMITING BELIEFS, BEHAVIOURS AND LIFESTYLES!

Cutting away decisively

Aries energy is very go-getting, me-first and decisively active. If there’s a project underway, Aries energy can ignite motivation, trail blaze and push forward unafraid of the consequences. Aries energy acts first and thinks later. We all need to be gutsy from time to time; to make a brave decision, and move forward.

The heavenly menu for April is spicy, hot and could make your eyes water. With (ongoing and building) tensions between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars – it’s like there’s a pungent, compulsive peeling of an onion – where hidden layers of control will be revealed. It’s an ongoing ‘big reveal’. I imagine that where people have been ‘shoe-horning’ themselves into a particular image or lifestyle, that ‘the metaphorical onion’ will  just be messages to you from yourself. These hidden truths will rock you to the level of how truthful you’ve been with yourself. If you’re living in line with your truth, then it probably won’t be so shocking (more motivating and energising), but where you’ve been playing hide and seek from yourself it’ll be…….’coming ready or not!’.….so either find a really good hiding place, or just give up and start a new game while you’ve still got some control.

Big reveal? Hey I’m ready to shine……

If you’ve been hiding a talent, skill or passion for a long time, this month could be one the marks you letting go of the limiting beliefs that made you hide your brightness. Whatever you identify as holding you back, you can move away from this month. April energy will be useful to get this moving for you. April can build your confidence.

I’ve outgrown my life! Does that count?

Yes it does. Good for you to recognise where you might be limited. Now’s the time to gracefully and peacefully implement plans to move on – whether it’s to a new job, new home, new country or even to a new marital status. make your plans now, and take steps closer to your greatest freedoms. With Venus in Aquarius, there’s a cooling detachment energy that you can connect into if you need it. You can find unattached, impartial support in so many places right now.

The clue to April is to know which side of the emotional fence you’re on and identify your resources. Where are you well resourced? and where are you floundering? Are you feeling great and motivated? What truth are you hiding from?

Desperate to keep moving forward at a pace?

If on the balance of it all, you’re feeling fighting fit and raring to get to work on something, this month ahead could be a groundbreaking one for you, where you create new pathways for yourself out of the rubble of the old you. There’s a big chance to re-create and free yourself from old restraints and limiting beliefs. There will of course be frustrations when things slow, or when you come up against other people’s limits for you, which is why I’d recommend working independently as much as you can. It will free you up to really be authentically you.

Trying to hold it all together?

If this feels more like you right now, then I’d advise you take some time out in April. The energies throughout this month are primed for response, offense, attack and breaking free. If you’re already at breaking point, this month might be the one to break the metaphorical camel’s back. If you’re confident that any trouble you get in, you can apologise out of later, then it’s not so bad, you might find a big ruckass is what you need to clear the air. But if you’re already living in a tense and uptight way, it’s best to rest up, do something you really enjoy and wait for the dust to settle in May.

With the New Moon applying to Uranus, there’s a surprisingness to the whole month ahead. When you see where the dust settles it might help you to make those all important decisions. It also looks like there’ll be lots of new information and evolution coming at us all throughout April, that could be a game changer.

Mars, which is still just conjunct the North node, is also asking you to remember what purpose / action it was that you came here to do. Have faith in your abilities, that you can find the strength to do just this – DREAM BIG!

Who is most affected this New Moon?

This is most potent for the following people:-

  • The Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) born at the end of the month or in the first 5 days of the month)
  • The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • For people that know their birthchart – Anyone with a planet, point or angle between 8-12 degrees Aries

See you on the other side!

Louisa x

Happy Birthday Aries!

Happy Birthday Aries. It’s that time again, your time, when the Sun is in your very own sign. It marks the start of your new year ahead. There are many free horoscopes out there for your year ahead. This one, for example takes you up until New Year 2015. As a birthday present to you, I thought I’d write a little about the Spiritual Lessons that are going on for you.

Happy Birthday Aries!How are the current planets influencing you right now?

…You’ve got both Neptune and Chiron, trawling through your the deep waters of your unconscious mind at the moment, and independent, feisty Uranus in your first house of personality and direction. These long term aspects are creating some discomfort for those that like to keep it all simple, and straightforward.

Me and My Shadow…..

With Neptune and Chiron in your 12th house of secrets, guilt, shame and the unconscious – it’s a time when you’re much more intuitive and knowing than usual. That’s not so bad for signs that like to connect to their emotions, but for you Aries, it’s confusing. You don’t like to wallow in the wishy washy waters of emotion, it seems weak. This is a long term transition for you, with the cosmos pushing you to open up to your secret fears and insecurities. These times are about you embracing your own dark and transmuting it into something useful, light and memorable.

For those of you that struggle with this, you might find yourself exploring the Neptune effect by altering your head space (with drinks, drugs and anti-depressants), or you might be indulging in very personal, secret love trysts. The addictive and secretive effect of Neptune here gets you to explore sides of you that you’re afraid of and intrigued by. There’s a pull, a calling and inescapable allure.

For those who are artistically inclined, the Neptune and Chiron energy can lead to some industrial strength creativity, where you’ll find your muse. Any opportunity to express this energy creatively will make it easier on you. That could be musically, artistically, through poetry, writing, performing. Healers and those of a religious leaning can find this time a golden opportunity to connect further into compassion, but not without a lot of soul searching on the way.

I Predict a Riot………

With Uranus in your own sign in your first house, you are getting stirred into action / rebellion and to stand firm in your convictions. Maybe it’s the effect of having Neptune and Chiron in your 12th house. It will have been stirring up your dreams, memories and certainty in who you are. With Uranus (the planet of sudden change and an extreme need for freedom) in your first house of core identity, you’ll be called into action. The call to action will in some way be a relief from the ethereal and confusing thinking that might be going on about your self-identity.

Uranus here has a way of drawing exciting happenings, chance encounters and unusual ideas. For the quirky Aries out there, this will suit you immensely and give you a carefree nonchalance. It’s in ‘not giving a damn’ that you’re able to access the vitality of this aspect. When you feel free, and free of expectations, you can go about being who you want to be – a dynamic opportunity to self-express and explore.

Happy birthday Aries!

During this time Pluto in Capricorn in your 10th house of career and achievement ( and also fatherly relationships) is transforming your attitude in these areas. In the past you may have seen the path to achievement as being well defined and that gave you an easy way out of making decisions about your life. You could simply follow the pre-defined rules as laid out by society. But in the last few years, you have come to question whether this course of action leads to your happiness. This has created a dynamic within you of being frozen in place. Unsure of what the future will bring if you were to ‘blow off’ society’s directives and simply follow your own heart. Overall, this phase is supposed to help you loosen up and share with the world your real gifts (ie: not necessarily the ones you get paid for). Do not be afraid to commit to a new and exciting career phase in life.

In relationship to father/authority issues, this phase in your life is about becoming adult enough in yourself so that you don’t feel afraid of being on your own. Until you get to a state of feeling in charge of your own life, it will be easy to view your father/authority as being somehow causal to your current experience. This is not the case, just a projection. Let go of your fixed ideas about how your father/authority should behave. The freedom you’ll feel when you can concentrate on your own development will be exhilarating. Moreover, with this soul-searching completed, you’ll automatically know how to proceed in your work and achievements. In short, reconciling your relationship to ‘The Masculine Principles’, will help you to move forward in a more meaningful way.

Saturn in Scorpio in your 8th house depicts a frustrating time of not feeling empowered to make your own life choices. You may also be a little more reclusive than normal, hiding away. You definitely don’t’ feel like you’re in the driver’s seat (even when everyone around you is scratching their heads wondering why). To you, you have been feeling buffeted by others and less likely to take your own stand. Issues of guilt, blame and judgement all play their parts in helping you choose not to act. Once you clear these, your path will be much clearer so you can move forward and engage in life once more. You’re in the tail end of this aspect now, and by Xmas 2014, you’ll be out of the woods. Right now, it is still feeling acute, and will gradually wear off as the year progresses. Key turning points on this journey are from July and October when you make sudden dashes forward and feel increasingly more yourself.

Jupiter in Cancer until July 16th, will also be emphasising your relationships towards the feminine (ie: your relationship to your home, family and in particular, your mother). Are Jupiter is in a difficult relationship to both Uranus, Mars and Pluto during spring 2014, you may find that you’ve been at severe odds with this part of your life. One moment, you’re feeling compassionate, loving and social. The next moment, a burst of surprising anger surfaces and gets released. Jupiter (the planet of expansion) turns the spotlights on in these areas, and then projects them on to a big cinema screen. It becomes near impossible to maintain your cool when your hurts resurface time and again. Again, you’re at the tail end of this influence and by mid July, you’ll be more concerned with living it up, rather than moping at home.

Harsh words!

My way or the highway! Be wary of walking away from others....

My way or the highway! Be wary of walking away from others….

Mars, your ruler has been creating opportunities to expand and strengthen your relationships, though in your quest to do just that, you have been getting really angry at those who you feel have been unfair to you. There has been a definite edginess in how you are in your relationships with people at the moment. With Mars in Libra (in your 7th house from the 7th December 2013), people in your family and home began to seriously irritate you and you began to resent them. With Uranus in your 1st and Mars in your 7th house, not only are you bristling to feel free and unencumbered, but you’re more critical of those nearest and dearest to you. As the saying goes, you hurt the one’s you love. Add in the shadowy Neptune/Chiron in your place of insecurities and you’ve got a recipe to find hurt, offense and anger at anyone who matches the projections of your childhood. Be very careful in how you express yourself and your hurts, as others might feel attacked by your judgements.

From early March 2014, you’ve felt less irritable with your loved ones and that’s because Mars went retrograde. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your issues have disappeared – more likely, you’ve temporarily run out of steam. It would be wise during this time to take practical action, to have constructive conversations and ‘park’ your irritations. You might find that by the 20th May, when Mars goes direct again (and regains his strength), that your irritations have naturally passed. Where they haven’t naturally passed, think very carefully about whether you are being unfairly treated. This aspect really triggers the ‘little tantrum’ energy in you, where you want to stamp your feet and shout ‘not fair!’ like a small child.  In truth, you already can see that these upsets belong in the past and aren’t really what’s going on now. You just haven’t yet found your way of letting your past hurts go. Be brave. Forgive and forget and see how that works for you. Get impartial help if you don’t feel able to work through this with your loved ones.

July sees a crucial turning point in your year. With Jupiter moving out of your 4th house (of family, home and Mother) and into Leo in your 5th house of fun, creativity and passion, you’ll be able to apply yourself to expressing your bliss. It’s a time to expand, time to get excited, to try out new things and to be romantic too. By the 27th, when your ruler Mars moves into your 8th house, you’ll find yourself back in the driver’s seat, to make some significant life changes and on a more personal note, to enjoy yourself in the arms of another! By this point, the tension that you were feeling towards others seems to evaporate, and that might be because you feel in control once again and not like a spectator in your own life.

From the 14th September, when Mars moves into Sagittarius, you’ll be able to deepen your appreciation for all things philosophical, cultural and different. This could mark an interesting time to have a long trip away. If you’re not physically going away, then use this time to mentally voyage – it’s a great time to expand mentally through study or intense learning. In fact the week before and after the 9th October  (when Mars conjuncts Jupiter and makes a delicious trine aspect to Uranus) is a brilliant time all round as you’ll be feeling unstoppable in your energy, positive, optimistic and lucky. Watch out for any unusual opportunities that delight you during this time. Follow them up with the determination of an eager child!

During this time, there is the Lunar eclipse of the 8th October and the Solar eclipse of the 23rd October. where I would advise that you take some quiet time to focus on where you are going in life and what you hope to achieve. The Lunar eclipse of the 8th marks an important time in your relationships, though is not particularly restful. That said, it could be a wonderful experience indeed to just start over a fresh, let go of your sorrows with particular people, and see their influence over you disappear, leaving you even freer to feel in control.

The Solar eclipse of the 23rd, is very lucky for people ruled by Mars (ie; YOU). It is marked as being pivotal in a long term decision making process. Now is the time to make those life changes. Any decisions that you are not yet ready to make, simply let them go. Act now purely on those changes that you can change quickly, easily and on those that will boost your sense of accomplishment. You are officially now back in the swing of things!

A few days after the Solar eclipse (27th October), Mars moves into Capricorn and energises your career / achievement sector of your life. I see this time until the 5th December as being a time of knuckling down. The recent life decisions you have made, have no freed you up to work with passion and determination. For the rest of December, I see you relaxing substantially as new friends come into your life. It’s almost as if the new career directions you are going in, are drawing close to you a whole new set of supportive and advantageous friends. Be open to any networking opportunities and be ready to dazzle and shine! Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio and in to Sagittarius (your 9th house) on Xmas eve 2014. All of a sudden you can dash forward in your life changes. It would seem that any hesitancy in committing to a course of action is long gone.

This is a confusing, busy and passionate year for you Aries, and it could be easy to get down-hearted by the experiences you have been going through. Spiritually, this time is preparation for you. It is helping you learn about diplomacy, sharing of truth and authenticity. It is asking you to let go of yourself, by noticing stuff in others that winds you up. This is the delicious key in self-knowledge and personal uprising. You are on a trajectory to leadership, but before you’ll be entrusted to lead the way forward, you need to believe in yourself. As the most dynamic learning to occur comes through relationships, this is where you’ve been and are being challenged. By the time your next birthday comes around you’ll be sparkling, purposeful and attuned to what is really important. Can’t say fairer than that can you Aries? There’ll be smoother times ahead, soon.

Happy Birthday AriesAries – Current Spiritual Lesson

  1. To notice what irritates you
  2. To explore what makes you feel vulnerable
  3. To learn new ways to transmute irritations and vulnerability
  4. To be OK with it and use it to stir you into meaningful action
  5. To go forth into the world with a clear intention to cooperate with others
  6. To allow this great learning to transform you into your own leader

Tall Order, or Just the ticket?

Hmm it seems that’s a big ask from you, don’t you think Aries? And yes maybe it is, but these are BIG TIMES with lots of change and the world always finds the right amount of leaders to help others. You are part of the future. Attitude is everything and it is important that you talented Aries people stay focused. You are vital to the world, you see.

This year sees you becoming more resilient in yourself and finally letting go of your relationship anxieties. It is a time when you need to step up and make changes where you realise you are projecting onto others. This may seem too much for you emotionally, which is why it’s important to find yourself some positive outlets.

As you learn new emotional coping skills and aptitudes, it will slowly dawn on you, that you are capable of achieving great things. This will encourage you to ‘tool up’ and get resourceful. You’ll have the most luck where you can blend your love of being active in a practical way. Trust me, you’ll be much clearer about your self worth after this period – and you’ll be more appreciated too.

I would highly recommend that you delve deep this year to iron out the kinks in your armour and learn to trust your instincts for change. You have help in 2014 from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. You’ll make more great strides this year than in other years. If you let your fear of personal growth keep you in the same place, it could lead you to a place of stagnation and decay, which will make it much harder for you in the long run to follow your dreams.

This year sees you being much less concerned with who, what or where you are, Aries. The planets are creating a fertile environment from which to create. you are in a metaphorical womb. You may feel the impending re-birth, but for now it is a time for you to work out your unhappiness with others. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. Ditch the blame game and move on.

Your need for privacy and introspection is much greater now, and I see you having many long walks to think things over. Be careful that you stay positive and don’t let your current moodiness affect your ability to connect with other people.

Re-write your story

Get creative and re-write your story.

Ask yourself these 2 questions and write down the first things that come into your head.  ‘If I was free to live my life, what would I do?”If I didn’t care what other people thought of me, how would I live my life?’

There are many natural teachers around you right now, in the form of creative types and also distant friends, so re-connect and share ‘who you are’ with them. They may have been through a similar experience. One thing’s for sure, once you’ve cracked this question of identity, you’ll be liberated and relieved.

Book your reading with Louisa Tanner Munson todayHappy Birthday Aries!

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