Book your reading

Thank you for considering a reading with me. There a few different options as to how I can help you, according to your budget and urgency. I’m currently a full time mama to two small children, so I like to limit the amount of  customers I help each week, which means I often have a backlog of enquiries. If you can work around my time constraints, then I’m really happy to help you.

When you invest in a full reading with me, I will keep recording until I can find a useful answer /advise for your situation. I consult multiple astrological charts to be able to find the right advise according to your enquiry. If, for instance you’re concerned about your relationship, I’d consult at least 6 charts within your reading. I sometimes also use Angel and Tarot cards to find more detailed information. I do one reading at a time to ensure I properly ‘tune in’ to your energy and needs and that I don’t accidentally pick up on the energy of my previous/next client.

Full Reading – $75

A generous hour (usually 90 mins!) which can be tailored to your life needs and goals. This can take place remotely or in person (if you can get to Devon, UK) and you’ll receive an MP3 of the recording to listen to again as necessary. As I currently work part time, please allow up to 14 days for your reading from start to finish.

Fast-Tracked Full Reading – $115 ($75 + $40)

As above, but to guarantee your reading within 48 hours. The additional fee is so that I can book childcare and help you urgently.

Mini Reading – $25

A 15 minute MP3 sent to your inbox giving advice about your current situation. These can be useful for specific situations, but won’t go to the same depth as I could within a Full Reading. Please allow up to 14 days.

Pop-up Reading

Subscribe to this page and I’ll let you know when I next do a live, pop-up astrology show. During the pop-up shows, I do live 5 minute micro readings for $6, or sometimes for free. I do the pop-up shows when I feel inspired, so they aren’t guaranteed or bookable, you just have to drop in!

When you’re ready to book your reading, simply email me with the following :-

  1. Which reading you want
  2. A brief description of your situation and what you’d like to know about
  3. Your time, place and date of birth
  4. The time, place and date of birth of anyone within your reading (partner /child)
“Louisa, thank you for my reading, It was very helpful. Wow – the two vocations you mentioned in the reading – you guessed not only the work I do, but the work that my twin sister does! The reading was very straight forward and clear about my current situation that I am going through”
“Thank you for the reading, you were spot on. Yes we both are very passionate when we come together. We both are independent people and like our own space………..”
Louisa –  just an update on the reading about my job. I have accepted the change within my previous job and declined the offer from the new company, like you predicted I would. Due to it is too rushed for new one and I have a lot unfinished work at my current job so make sure all is clear before moving on like you mentioned so nothing comes back to bite me in the butt. Also my employer have offer to send me away on sales trip to Singapore in Aug and Sep, which was when you mentioned travel and work changes. So thank you very much for the reading and clearing up things for me. Will be in touch again soon”

Louisa Tanner Munson