Izzy Wizzy, Let’s get buisi(ness) / Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Just a quick reminder, today/tomorrow’s Partial Solar Eclipse has amazing energy for new starts and intentions with business, career, status and earnings.

Partial Solar Eclipse on the 6th January 2019 at 01.41am.

The Solar Eclipse is essentially super strong ‘new start’ energy in the form of an almost perfect alignment of New Moon. The Moon comes in between the Sun and Earth, leaving us in shadow. Metaphysically, this creates a moment where anything can be pulled out of the magician’s hat of nothingness. A time of free creation.

Its also an amazing time to brainstorm and plan what you’d like to experience in life. I’ve unusually got a few moments to myself today and am giving myself a bit of a life-make over, brainstorming ideas, dreams, ambitions and seeing where they might lead in my mind’s eye. Getting a feel for what might work for me and my family.

Dreaming big, and visual mental rehearsal is particularly well aspected, with the Jupiter, Mars and Midheaven grand fire trine, linking up the 2nd house of resources, the 6th house of work and the 10th house of achievement.

Career Power

Here’s what I recently wrote about the chart of the eclipse:-

  • Both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of business-like Capricorn and the energy of this magical moment is poised to influence matters of business, advancement, increase, status and finance.
  • At the time that the eclipse is at its strongest, the ascendant is in diplomatic and charming Libra, making the ruling planet of this chart, Venus (a beneficial planet to do with accumulating wealth). Venus is also in the 2nd house of money and personal resources at this moment of time.  I’d give that a thumbs up!
  • But let’s not rest on our laurels at this point. It is also worth noting that Venus is accompanied by the other beneficial planet for increasing wealth, in the 2nd house of wealth, Jupiter. And both are linked up to the Midheaven (the point of manifesting our career and status desires)
  • The 6th house of work is ruled by Mars and Mars is strong in its own sign of Aries. Mars is also trine the Midheaven AND trine both Venus and Jupiter. This is a highly beneficial time.
  • The Sun and Moon conjunction are falling into the 3rd house of communication and learning, giving us room to learn much more about ourselves as we grow in stature. They are also in between the two power planets of Saturn (determination and hard work) and Pluto (power and transformation)

I do have a couple of reservations about this date though, and that is how the eclipse is conjunct both asteroid Amycus (55576), and asteroid Icarus (1566). Both have a bad rep when you consider that they have a thing about power.

Amycus seeks power and is associated with all the bad sides of power abuse namely, masochism, narcissism, being out of touch with reality in such a big way that Amycus energy isolates people and has little empathy for others.

The story of Icarus is far more benign power-wise, but has an over-inflated sense of achievement and capability.

So if you use this date and time to bring about your magical career and status intentions, please do ensure that you’re intentions are for the right reasons, and are made with the highest of integrity – because where your intentions draw on the power assist from Amycus and Icarus, I believe it could create all sorts of changes that you might not enjoy the reality of. (AKA – be careful what you wish for)

Of course, for those with narcissistic personality disorder here’s your chance to rule the world!! 🙂 But I doubt I’ve any followers like that, they’d be far too bored because my writings aren’t about them directly!

Have fun tonight working your magic x

If you’re in any way curious about your own career, advancement and status, then why not invest in a bespoke consultation with me in 2019.

Not only could I look at your birthchart, but I can also add in useful asteroids pertaining to your success and let you know how they influence you, and also when your phases of growth and phases of advancement are coming up so you can be prepared.

Asteroid Talent is particularly useful, as is Industria, Pallas, Vesta and Icarus in identifying your strengths, motivation and passions. I also like to look at your progressed Moon’s position to see when you’re ready for a ‘new start’ and also the position of the Vertex (what the universe want’s from you), and this all seems to help get people back on track.

I can also add in industry specific asteroids to do with your chosen career, for instance asteroids to do with writing, creating, art, management, people, sales, healing, beauty, teaching….with so many asteroids out there, there’s many to help us tell your story.

Drop me a line if you’d like to know more at Louisa@feelgoodastrology.com



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