New Moon in Leo – Transformation through discomfort


The New Moon in Leo  occurs on Saturday 26th July 2014 at 11.42pm GMT

As with all New Moons, the ‘energies’ are ripe for break-throughs, new starts and seed sowing. They represent ‘conception’ and a coming together of opposites into a new direction (positive/negative, light/dark, male/female). Projects that are begun under the New Moon, germinate and grow in strength. For this reason, I always advise people to go to their places of conflict and mystery and to focus on a resolving direction.

When a New Moon occurs at a sensitive place in your birthchart, the blending of themes between New Moon and your own chart show where you can have a dynamic break-through, conception or resolution. These are times of magic and growth. This month’s New Moon in Leo is strange and potent.

Overall Theme: Finding your own sovereignty, becoming your word, practicing your beliefs, transformation through discomfort

Who will be most affected: Those born around 25th – 27th of the month and people with sensitive planets between 2-6 degrees of fire or fixed signs. Sagittarians/Arians will have more energy to start new directions and live their values to a far greater degree. Scorpios / Taureans will find that their lives are being ‘pulled at’, as if their seams are coming undone. Aquarians are finding growth through their relationships though, they too might find they are unravelling! For more details on what these times mean to us all have a look at this video

The theme of last Full Moon was about getting clear about authority. It asked us to consider who we allow to authorise/judge us and asked us what kind of judges we are to others. All sides of this dynamic were highlighted.

The tight Mars, Ceres, Vesta and North Node stellium got us really thinking about parenting and responsibility. It examined how we might all be stewards of this planet, that we’re all responsible and need to become our own masters.

iStock_000010793987Large - Copy

The New Moon in Leo, is getting us to verbalise and act out (get dramatic) about what we have learnt in the interim. Since the Full Moon, Jupiter has moved from Cancer and into Leo, enabling us to transform our personal histories and to find our own narrative in a more engaging way. Our stories are no longer submerged, but coming out. This includes all the stories that we have been telling ourselves about our beliefs.

“We’re stepping up clumsily, but it’s important work none-the-less”

The New Moon in Leo, sees the Sun/Moon moving from its conjunction with Jupiter and from its tense square with Mars in Scorpio. It would seem that a couple of days prior to the New Moon, our energies have been catalysed and cranked into action. Fuelled with fresh purpose, it’s time for the big reveal…….it’s time for us to come clean about our own sovereignty. We’re being challenged to step up, man up, ‘fess up’ – to get real. And in all journeys where Jupiter is involved, emotions are likely to be naively innocent and optimistic. We’re stepping up clumsily, but it’s important work none-the-less.

Beyond the major aspects to the Sun and Moon at this time, we also have two sesquiquadrates, giving us more adrenaline and purpose for meaningful action. With Chiron’s interaction we are forced to realise where personal pain has kept us in a cycle of judging. We (Our personalities, behaviours and attitudes) are being invited to let go of our ‘shit’ and transform. This energy we have grown used to though. For much of 2014, Chiron has been involved in a healing Grand Water Trine, so it is possible that collectively we’re not awake enough to heed its message….’What’s that Chiron? more pain to process?’ – native puts fingers in ears and goes .’laa laa laa’ to themselves.

The approaching sesquiquadrate to Ixion however is where change might really occur. Ixion hints of irrevocable, permanent change. Ixion hints at the doors we can walk through at the time of the New Moon, and that by the 27th July, we will at some profound level have made a choice, drawn a line in the sand of our beliefs, and intended a new future.

“Our intentions and attractions carry the positive vibrations of what came before. With grace, speed and joy we receive with gratitude our highest, deepest and most rich experience for ‘our’ highest good. Opportunities are everywhere” (A post-it note in my office – did i write this or copy this as a reminder?)

Ixion’s message is a raw one, and a story I’m keen to mention here, because I’m picking up on this theme all over my news threads and internet. Ixion in Greek mythology was the first human to shed kindred blood, by murdering and torturing his future father-in-law. He did this as a calculated move, and his people dethroned and exiled him from his land as a punishment.

Sometime later, Ixion was completely forgiven by Jupiter/Zeus and left to explore a new path in life, with fresh opportunities. Even with a clean slate and seemingly nothing to complain about, Ixion was found wanting for more and betrayed Jupiter by making love to his wife. Jupiter condemned Ixion to a torturous eternity locked in his own private hell. (for a more in depth look at Ixion, please follow this link to the daykeeperjournal!)

Many of these themes are being felt and experienced around the world, right now. The most obvious ones to me are:-

1) That we all have a part of us that is willing to betray/murder others. Most of the time we are able to keep this side of us under wraps. Often we are unconscious to our own shadows

2) Even when we have committed the most heinous of crimes, It is possible to find redemption and to be forgiven. If we don’t feel deserving of being forgiven (not good enough), our unconscious desires will at some point leak out and cause us to harm another again

3) When we harm another, we condemn ourselves, We cannot harm another without harming ourselves. When we harm ourselves, we become our own prisoner/jailer

The themes of right and wrong / life and death are being played out right now all around the world, but none so clearly as what is being played out in Palestine / Gaza right now. The dramatic narrative is waking up so many to their own stories and hidden narratives about who they are and what actions are justifiable against another Human being.

To use the Ixion message, I believe we’re being told that it is no longer OK to condone the ending or harming of another being’s life. There are no reasons for harm, because everyone can be forgiven. For people that refuse to go into their depths, to feel, to question their reasons for darkness, they will repeat the same actions again and again, thereby condemning themselves to a purgatory or poverty of the soul.

The New Moon’s approaching aspect to Ixion, is an opportunity to see and connect with the collective darkness and to recognise where and how we have allowed this to happen.

In the following two weeks between the New Moon in Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius, both the Moon and the Sun will go through the ‘Lilith Corridor’, a place in the heavens that takes us to shame,  judgement and rage. It represents an experience to ‘purge and transcend’ or to ‘hide and be engulfed’. Those courageous enough to recognise their darkness will be able to let it go and create a habit of releasing/processing harmful energies. They will begin a lightening/awakening journey of discovery.  People who stay in their shame, will need to keep lying to themselves to be able to stay disconnected to others (‘it’s not safe to trust people’, ‘they’re out to get me’, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ etc). Their belief systems, designed to keep them separated will ease them into greater acts of betrayal against fellow Humans. This represents a darkening/deadening journey of discovery.

The Shift will hit the fan!

By the time the Full Moon in Aquarius comes around, people will be absorbed into a raising, repairing vibration of possibility or a dark, narrow and tightening vibration. I see the breaking away of people from ‘what they know/what they have been taught’ occurring at this time, especially as the Sun will be conjunct Lilith, and the Moon conjunct Priapus. (Priapus is often depicted as our ‘urge to merge’, to understand and at it’s highest expression join in oneness. It also shows us where we might run away from ‘responsibilities’ to follow the ‘heart’ and with Priapus conjunct the Full Moon in Aquarius, there could be a very palpable shift in thinking. A shift towards Humanitarianism and a shift towards connection / grounding with Mother Earth.

Naturally, these are simply my interpretations of what’s happening in the heavens right now, and my bias is quite clear to see. I’m pro realisation, trust, truth and sharing. I’m for connection. I’ve experienced how shame polarises us, and how liberating it is when you can forgive yourself and others. It is only when you can do this that you become truly free to experience life as a journey of gratitude.

One final note to this piece, is that many people are finding themselves rising up, finding their way, and noticing that their ‘perceived hardships’ of the past are merely illusions. Whilst this sounds like ‘matrix-style’ impossibilities, there are a great many people shining through these moments in Earth’s evolution. These people are simply further down the road of self-realisation. Their ‘lightness of being’ is raising us all up. Let go of your shackles and rise up with them……..The astrology right now is ripe for awakening!

In gratitude, Louisa x


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