That moment when a client tests you…

Taken from a messenger conversation this morning…

D – “Hi…. Erm something extremely scary just happened! I don’t suppose my chart has anything strange going on on October 30th does it? Then I’ll tell you why lol xx”

Challenge on. Here’s my reply…

Me – “Nothing exactly springs up on that day. However in your progressed chart, Venus changes signs and goes into Taurus in the 6th house of day to day/work. And in your lunar return, Venus is conjunct the midheaven representing luck. Could be the start of a ‘love’ related project/phase. Venus also represents money coming in – so what you do could be related to a lucky new work phase. with Venus on the midheaven, there could be the opportunity to promote yourself easily and effortlessly as of someone will do it for you. You going on telly or something?

D – “There’s this huge wedding related conference thing that I’ve been asked to speak at!!! To me that’s scary!! X”

Me – “Haha. I wasn’t far off with telly and the chance to promote yourself on a love related project. You’ll be great D!”


OK – so not quite a telly appearance, but BOOM! I think I did pretty well, don’t you? And that’s just one possibility for astrology….

Hi Louisa

Thank you so much for doing my astrology chart. I was truly amazed and very happy with the information. You made me feel at ease throughout the reading I really did not know what to expect. I cannot believe the accuracy of your reading and the overall wealth of information. Having felt a bit anxious in a few areas of my life I can honestly say I went to bed last night and had the best nights sleep in a long while. You are truly an amazing person. I shall certainly be recommending you to all my friends..thank you once again

K xxxx

A bum deal from the stars?

(A lighthearted look at ass-strology!)

I wasn’t sure if you could see getting covered in dog poo in the stars – to be fair I’ve never looked, and can’t imagine there are many astrologers out there who are that bothered, but seeing this in my Facebook News Feed made me curious (I should also admit that it was my son’s yellow welly that was covered in dog poo, and that my friend simply went to cuddle my son at the wrong time) – so I feel a bit responsible to lighten things up a bit.

So I thought I’d have some fun and look a dog poo annoyances from an astrological perspective. First things first, I wasn’t sure where to start. I mean, there’s not a ‘starsign’ responsible for canine excrement (that I’m aware of), neither is there a planet attributed to it that I’m instantly aware of. So this is what I did. I looked at my friend Robyn’s chart, and compared it to the chart of that exact moment in time.

And here’s what I found. At the exact time that Robyn and my son hugged, today’s planets and sensitive points connected exactly to Robyn’s. (A full astrological write up below for those that understand it)


My husband was joking about the planets and that Pluto (the dog), must have had something coming out of Uranus. The odd thing is, is that both these planets actually exactly connected today between the two charts! How ironic.

Anyway. To answer the initial question ‘Can you see the ‘Cr*p’ days in the stars?’, my answer would be this – YES – you definitely can, but for the event that happened today, all the planets did was just trigger an event. There are several triggers to everyone’s chart every single day. So although you can see ‘event’s happening retroactively, there’s nothing that I can see that could have helped you predict getting covered in dog poo.

That said, it is possible to look ahead of time at your lucky phases and your unlucky phases. Things like your potentials for good health, romance, success and happiness can definitely be observed. As well as your times when things are more challenging. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

If like me (and possibly now my friend Robyn), you’d like to be kept aware of your positive growth phases, and times to watch out for, then speak to me about looking at a yearly energy planner.


At the exact time that Robyn got covered in dog poo, this is what occurred. To my utter surprise, Robyn had 8  EXACT aspects between her chart and that of the moment. I have never seen so many exact connections like this. This is obviously an important time in Robyn’s life where her life is evolving. (As illustrated by Pluto conjunct Uranus, Saturn square North Nodes…)

Here’s what I see as pertinent to the ‘event’

The transiting Jupiter was conjunct the ‘real time’ ascendant, and both were conjunct Robyn’s Mercury in her fourth house, in Cancer

The ‘real time’ descendant was conjunct Robyn’s North Node.

Transiting Pluto (also conjunct the real time descendant), was conjunct Robyn’s Uranus in Capricorn

These were the most interesting connections which I think helped this to be expressed. Jupiter (the playful joker) was rising and had some fun with Robyn through her Mercury. (Mercury representing children, fun, instant communications. Mercury is also a bit of a trickster) – So Robyn saw my son, and gave him a cuddle and got more than she bargained for as a cosmic joke was set.

If you take Robyn as represented by the Ascendant and the incident/boy/dog poo as represented by ‘other’ ie: descendant, you can now see that Pluto (who dredges up the dirt), can connect with Uranus (planet of surprises) to create a nasty little surprise. Just a simple little illustration of the cosmic coding and how weirdly accurate it can be. Thank goodness that we don’t really have the time to analyse every little trigger because we’d be here all day and forget to live! Hope that was useful and not too ‘sh*tty! ;o)

How to look for asteroids in your birthchart

There are a couple of ways that I use to check for the position of asteroids in your birthcharts. Here I’ll mention my favourite two.


For a comprehensive look at the position of asteroids

1. Go to
2. Click on Astrological Ephemeris
3. Fill in the online form with your preferences and click Go will bring up a list of the positions of asteroids, classical planets and other useful references for any time, date and place of birth. You will be swimming in information for sure. This is a wonderful free service, though needs some preparation to use, as you’ll need to know the universal time of birth and also the longitude and latitude of birth.

To look up a few asteroid positions at a time

  1. Go to and Login. If you haven’t already set up a guest profile click here for instructions
  2. Select Free Horoscopes from the menu and then Extended Chart Selection
  3. Under the heading Birth Data, ensure that you have the right name selected from the Horoscope for: drop down menu
  4. Scroll down to the Additional Objects menu and select as many as you would like to see in your chart ie: Juno, Vesta or Orcus
  5. To add in asteroids, scroll down to the box underneath Additional Objects. In this box you’ll be able to type the asteroid number or code for up to 6 asteroids. You need to put a comma with no space in between numbers (for example: 16,33154,H56,10)
  6. Click Click here to show the chart

In my opinion, this option is preferable as it is difficult to look at a chart with more than 6 asteroids, additional centaurs and classical planets. You will however need to know the number associated with each asteroid that you want to find. Whilst you can do this within, I personally find it easier to use a search engine and type a question such as ‘What is the number used in astrology for asteroid Osiris?’


As you look at asteroids in your birthchart, you might find that there are some asteroids in prominent places within your chart. Take a note of these as they will be of special importance to you and give you cosmic clues much more related to who you really are. Another interesting thing to note, is where the ‘transiting’ asteroids are in your chart when you first research them. I often find that my interest in researching an asteroid in my chart coincides with the asteroid going over my angles (ascendant,IC,DC,MC) or making a hard aspect to one of my personal planets (Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)

Please do let me know what you learn about yourself in the comments field below, or if you have any questions, let’s see how I can help you.

Louisa x

Louisa Tanner Munson